Below are links to all these pdf .

You can also click this link to see the actual pdfs on the sister site



A Convenient Error

Archibald pdf The Past and Future of Climate

Apocalypse cancelled -Monckton

 Bali Action Plan Decision /CP.13

Civil Society Report on Climate Change

DeFreitas Are observed changes in the concentrations of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere really dangerous?



Civil Society Report on Climate Change

Cooling the Debate A longer record of Greenland Air Temperatures

Critical Assessment of Current Climate Change

Evans 2007 pdf My life with AGO and other reflections

Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

 Expanding on the work of Bruce Hall Hall of fame blog

ex-corbyn-140408Cipcc_letter_14april08ertified end of “global warming”: planet saves itself!


 Fraser Institute Independant summary for policy makers IPCC Fourth Assessment report

Gore’s 10 Errors Old and New

Gore Gored – Viscount Monckton of Brenchley

hadley-centre.pdf  Climate Change Myths


Insects can halve wind turbine power ( you may need to register to see this pdf)#


Monckton – Apocalypse Cancelled

Monkton – IPCC Fourth Assessment Report 2007 Analysis and Summary

Monkton – Gore Gored


Reply to Lockwood and Fröhlich – The persistent role of the Sun in climate forcing Svensmark H and Friis Christensen,E


Oceans are the main regulators of carbon dioxide

Polar bears Population Forecast

Robinson – Environmental effects of increased atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

ross-mcitrick-lettertopolicymaker Calling the carbon bluff

Scientific Fraud NZ Climate and Enviro Truth PDF

Shining more Light on the Solar Factor Lockwood and Frolich review

Solar Cycle 24: Implications for the United States


Solar Cycles 24 and 25 and Predicted Climate Response

stornowaygazette-14nov07.pdf Impossible for wind power to displace nuclear generated power

The Myth of Dangerous Human Caused Climate Change – R M Carter

The Sky is NOT falling

The Wilkins Ice Shelf Con Job

08071820oped20bolt20global20cooling THESE are the seven graphs that should make the Rudd Government feel sick.


TWTW_March15, 2008.pdf


Unsound Science nzclimatescience

Warm Words Ereat and Segnit

Wei Chyung fabricated some Scientific Claims

What is the Greatest Threat – Global Warming or Terrorism?



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